Today one of popular news portals published an article warning people about bananas. It contains such statements as “the dark side of the banana” and “we do not realise that this innocent fruit is responsible for acidification. Bananas need to survive a long journey to Poland, so they are pumped with chemicals – pesticides. Before eating the banana remember to wash it, to remove dangerous chemicals.”

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Unfortunately we need to point out the lack of basic knowledge of the author. Bananas are preserved in transport by temperature and packaging which stops the ripening process. It’s physics, not chemistry. These two factors allow bananas to reach Poland. And pesticides? They are constantly controlled and monitored, with every supplier including test results with their shipments. Still, polish laboratories control the amount of pesticides left.

Everyone seems to be bored by the coronavirus, but such sensational articles are damaging. Fruits and vegetables are sources of many nutrients and media should promote their consumption, especially in times of reduced physical activity.

I recommend reading a publication that uses scientific data – which draws from such sources as the Prilozi Section of Medical Sciences, Food Science and Technology Research,U.S. Food and Drug Administration

As for the author of this banana-fearmongering presentation, I strongly recommend they eat a banana and an apple before reading – they will surely provide them with increased receptors’ capacity and lots of positive energy.